Unique furniture by Karen Frandsen

About Karen Frandsen, artist and painter of unique furniture

I was born into a family of artists, with clients including royalty and owners of stately homes. I have been a professional artist for over 18 years, having previously worked in the areas of theatre costume and set design, and clothing design.

I started my art career working on china and glassware pieces, before moving onto furniture, murals, and oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and board.

During my time as an artist I have painted everything from corporate logos, to painted scenes, through portraits to abstract scenes, on items ranging from buttons through to entire offices and shops.

I have always had a passion for classically styled furniture, and was refurbishing furniture decades in advance of it becoming "trendy". I use my artistic skills to give a high-quality finish to my pieces, and my experience as a costume and clothing designer and seamstress to re-upholster seats and other material sections of furniture.

My furniture pieces make a beautiful addition to any home. I select classically styled quality furniture and then; refurbish it as needed, refinish it using top-quality paints such as "Farrow and Ball" eggshell, and finally I re-upholster fabric areas using; cotton, silk, or satin fabrics.

Refurbished furniture is a cost-effective and ecologically-friendly way of furnishing your home. Furniture from the early-mid 20th century was often constructed to higher quality standards than modern machine-produced, MDF and "self-assembly" furniture. By re-purposing "pre-loved" pieces of furniture you can get higher quality pieces than in many stores, and reduce wastage and landfill - helping the environment.

As I produce all of my pieces myself, I have the ability to customise them to your requirements or paint pieces to your specification. I can match wood finishes and fabric colours to your decoration and other furniture, give them a custom finish - for example "distress" or "gold buff" them, or even re-finish your current furniture pieces to match ones which you have purchased from me.

My customers are always appreciative of my work, you can view a small selection of testimonials from recent clients.

I am based at the London/Essex borders and clients are welcome to collect items in person by appointment. Alternatively I can connect buyers with a number of reasonably priced couriers who my clients have previously used.

To discuss your specific requirement, please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation informal chat.